Open Up – The Missing Track

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The hunt is on for the 14th track of Open Up. It has just come out of the oven and is available to those in the know!

It is a cracker (I can say that, as it’s not all my work!). My favourite moment is the big first drop with the lush strings. See what you think! Tell me if the hairs don’t stand up on your neck! Listen to it loud on your speakers, and then try it on some headphones to get a deeper musical experience – there’s a lot of hidden detail waiting for you to discover.

The track is literally still warm from the studio oven. We’ve been working on it for over a year and wanted to make sure it was ready before letting it out. As a result, you will be the very first to hear it. In a world where everything is so accessible, it is nice to have something all for yourself!

Let us know what you think.

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